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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  October 31, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> now at 11:00, it is a wet halloween across the bay area. steady showers made trick-or-treating difficult for kid and parents and even more rain is on the way. good evening and thank you for joining us. >> i'm dan ashley. it is the second storm with rain this week. >> let's continue our coverage with sandhya patel. >> do not hang up the umbrellas just yet. we are still tracking a few showers around the bay area. i will take you to the north bay near our radar site. we are seeing heavy returns around jackson ranch road. as we look in the east bay, spotty showers right around dry creek road. you will notice very light returns. and then we go down toward the
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walnut creek area, laugh lafayette, very light returns. street level radar here, 680 boulevard way we are seeing those returns. santa cruz mountains are slick with light to moderate rain. this one is a one. a light system through tomorrow morning. spotty showers with damp roadways for the morning drive. additional rain, not a lot more, but it will impact your morning commute. if you are driving there will be slick spots. fair conditions for your ride. murky there and fair if you are walking. as far as rain totals, we have picked up a third in napa and san francisco, .01 of an inch. eel a have de -- i'll have details and look at the forecast coming up. dan and ama? >> you can track the storm hour by hour with the abc7 news app. we have live doppler 7 on the app. you can get weather advisories on your phone or tablet. new at 11:00, a pick up truck driver hit two children
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out trick-or-treating in santa rosa. police just updated us. they say the truck was making a left turn in the rain. as a group of trick-or-treaters crossed the intersection. the 4-year-old and 9-year-old girls were hit. police say the driver is cooperating with the investigation. also new at 11:00, pacifica police are looking for a man who tried to force the girl in her car. she was walking near hickey boulevard at 4:30 this afternoon. the man pulled up and started hoping and yelled at her to get in. when she wouldn't he tried to force her into the car. she pulled loose and ran. police say he was driving a black volkswagen sedan with a texas license plate. >> now to the huge fire that wiped out an apartment building. >> the flames started about 5:30 this morning. >> now here is a side by side comparison of what is left. we learned this apartment
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complex is a controversial building for some. >> katie is talking about the legal troubles the owner is facing. katie? >> dan, these are details you will hear only on 7. within the last half hour received a copy of this lawsuit against the property owner. previous tennants who lived in the original building on the property allege he began construction while they still lived in the home. they say he dug up power lines and gas lines and they even say he altered the phon dation making the -- foundation making the building unsafe. their attorney calls it highly suspicious. a fire so large it could be felt on the other side of a building. >> i seen the flames over. they came over and i could feel the heat. it was very intense right here. >> april hudson lives in a unit next to the apartment complex.
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>> i they fought for years trying to stop this. they signed petitions trying to stop making this massive apartment building. >> after 5:00 the flames erupted if the complex. >> we are six months or so, maybe four, from completion. an apartment building, 40 units. >> a security guard and his girlfriend were staying on the property. >> the security guard stays here. he has a place that he is able to easily go in and out of and make sure everything is safe. >> he had cable tv and a makeshift shower. >> they confirm no occupancy permit has been issued. some are staying at hotels because their apartments were damaged during the firefight. >> they will find barricades. >> the cause is under investigation. the department estimates the damage to be in the range of $2 million.
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in oakland, abc7 news. >> investigators are tieing to figure out if a man was already dead when two vehicles hit him in concord early this morning. one of the cars was a police cruiser. the victim was near the concord pavilion when a mini-van struck him. a short time later a police officer on an unrelated call also ran officer him. the contra costa county d.a. will help investigate. >> new at 11:00, on demand discrimination. san francisco-based uber and lift are responding to a brand-new report that says its drivers are profiling black passengers. abc7 news reporter with more. >> when the passengers use an african-american sounding name the rides were canceled twice as frequently. >> those were the findings from uber in boston. they sent assess assistants into the field in -- assistants into the field to
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request rides from uber lift and found discrimination in cancellations and wait times. the president of the san jose silicon valley naacp say the findings don't surprise him, but it is hurtful. >> that's not how it should work. it so do more to bring us together as a people. that's the part i look forward to. >> reporter: a statement from uber reads in part, we believe uber is helping reduce transportation inequalities across the board. lift issued a similar statement saying we are extremely proud of the positive impact lift has had on communities of color. it is worth noting that uber drivers have to accept a fare before they see the name. lift drivers see the name immediately. >> our concern was transportation systems were not eliminating discrimination, but hiding them. >> he drives for uber and lift and picks up everyone. >> i never, ever can sell the trip for the customer.
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>> reporter: one suggestion is not use names at all and do audits of drivers whose behavior appears discriminatory. abc7 news. >> airline passengers whose paris trip was delayed by a maintenance issue are once again headed to france. as we speak flight 990 made it from sfo to idaho when a significant problem turned up. the flight turned around and came back to san francisco. they did not say what the issue was. they were put on another plane that took off an hour ago and they are now on their way. election day is now just eight days away. >> hard to believe. and with hillary clinton now facing the controversy over her e-mails she issued a new challenge to the fbi. >> here is lauren lister. >> reporter: eight days to go and hillary clinton is is fighting the political firestorm en golfing her campaign. >> i am sure a lot of you may be asking what the new e-mail
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story is about and why in the world the fbi would dade to jump into an election with no evidence of any wrongdoing with just days to go. that's a good question. >> reporter: making the case on monday at one ohio rally and then another. >> if they want to look at some more e-mails of one of my staffers i know they will reach the same conclusion they reached when they looked at my e-mails. >> clinton getting help from famous friends on the trail. pop icon cher. >> i know we question things about hillary. i love her. >> donald trump in michigan seizing on the renewed investigation into clinton's e-mail server. >> the clinton crime spree ends on november 8th. >> trump is gloating over the new inquiry that stems from anthony wiener's e-mails in a separate investigation. >> i thank you, anthony wiener. >> inside the fbi they poured
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off thousands of e-mails belonging to wiener's estranged wife, clinton's top aide and abc news is learning trump will continue to hammer the e-mail issue for the next seven days and for clinton tomorrow in ohio she will get a burst of star power speaking at a campaign event, president obama. lauren lister, abc news, los angeles. new tonight a just released report is bringing trump's tax issue back to the forefront. the "new york times" reports in the early 1990s trump avoided reporting hundreds of millions of taxable income through a legally dubious accounting maneuver. a times president said lawyers advised against it saying the irs would likely declare it improper. trump said he exploited loop tax holes legally. >> flames are soaring into the sky and we have word this pipeline rupture has turned tragic. >> and the rain dampened the halloween celebrations.
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the impact the storm had on trick-or-treating. >> and the patch offering hope to the millions of children suffering peanut allergies. >> all of that is ahead. first here is a look at jimmy "jimmy kimmel live". jimmy? >> thanks, dan and ama. happy halloween. >> that one is not so easy to figure out. do you have any idea who this is? >> a giant sno ♪ this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again.
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flames shooting into the sky tonight above rural alabama. smoke filled the air when a gas pipeline exploded. one person died in the blast and five others were hurt. colonial gas has now shutdown two of the pipe turbines in the area. the line was being worked on
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prior to the explosion. it happened a mile away from the area of a pipeline leak last month. that rupture lead to gasoline shortages across the south. >> a major route into yosemite national park is closed tonight. a rock faln highway 140 in the park. look at these boulders the size of cars. the closure is in place from a park boundary to the cascades picnic area at leigh until tomorrow. certainly call ahead before heading up highway 140. >> scientists want to fight child peanut allergies with peanuts. it is the skin patch that builds up immunity. those who use the patch for a year could consume at least 10 times the peanut proteins. it is most beneficial for kids four to 11 years old. let's get back to the weather for a few minutes. the wet halloween facing trick-or-treaters in the north bay. >> it didn't stop some going
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door-to-door looking for candy. >> lilian kim is live in san rafael with the story. >> it wasn't the type of weather trick-or-treaters were hoping for, but they did seem to make the best of it. >> cold, wet and at times memorable. >> we are getting really wet and cheering up the neighbors. >> the rain got heavier as the night went on. >> it is getting heavier. >> veteran candy givers noticed a drop compared to previous yarys. >> there has been a lot of fun kids that were super excited to be out tonight. of course we have to keep the fun going on. >> there was only so much of the rain the trick-or-treaters could take. >> it is crazy. i am about to head home. it is a lot and i don't want to get sick.
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we're calling it a night of. >> yet for some people it was mission accomplished. >> it is cold. >> it is freezing. >> but we got a lot of candy. >> that's all that matters, right? >> in san rafael, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> soggy. >> and for more let's go to sandhya patel. >> live doppler 7 is tracking some damp roadways. besides the ghouls and the goblins we got the much needed rain. the october rainfall, 200 to 300% of normal. that's a good start to the rainy season. we are tracking light returns around evergreen into the mount hamilton area. the santa cruz mountains are seeing light weather. light rain to morgan hill. as we take you up to the north tracking a few shower around
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highway 1, marshall and petaluma road and we will take you to street level radar. storm impact scale is a one. we are looking at spotty showers and damp areas for the morning drive. additional rain is anywhere from .01 to .10 of an inch. the snow levels are above 8,000 feet. blue canyon is reporting light rain and the snow has prompted a winter weather advisory. we are looking at that until tomorrow morning. two to four inches at 6,000 feet. six to eight inches over the highest peaks. right now the temperatures are in the 50s and the 60s and the clouds are holding the numbers up. a live look from the sfo camera. could be delays due to the weather. a few showers through the early morning. a milder pattern wednesday through friday and our next chance of rain late saturday night into sunday morning. here is your hour by hour forecast. we can see the spotty showers at 11:00. tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m.
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a few returns in the east bay and parts of the north bay. nice knee co is here tracking the showers -- mike nicco is tracking the showers. the morning commute will be slow going at 5:00 a.m. you look at the north bay and there are still isolated showers. by 9:00 we should see the shower activity winding down. first thing tomorrow morning cool enough, upper 40s to mid50s to where you will need to bundle up and take the umbrella with you. if you are walking to work and walking to bart and need to catch the train, the temperatures are cool and then by the afternoon it is comfortable. low to upper 60s and just about everybody is seeing the sun. those green spots you see could be build up and some clouds over the hills. we do have as we head into later this week a beach hazard statement for thursday and friday. the swell will break up the sneaker possibility and you will want to watch out. you may be wanting to go to the coast so keep an eye on that. early morning showers tomorrow followed by bright, sunny
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skies for your wednesday. and that warmth is just going to carry us through the end of the workweek. low to mid70s around the bay and the inland and midi can ises coast side. the temperatures will start to fall as we fall back. don't forget daylight savings time ends. that's when we bring in a one. saturday into sunday way have a chance of rain and cooler weather and lingering clouds on monday. you can download the abc7 news app and get push alerts for the advisories issued and track our hour by hour forecast anytime. >> per feblght. thank you -- perfect. thank you, sandhya. he 80s hit that had the president and the first lady busting a move tonight. >> tomorrow on abc7 news at 11:00, never feel like you are doing too many things at once. a brain researcher easy is multi tasking is making us less effective. how to avoid the overload and be more effective in the digital age
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they have cor yoking graw graw fee. they danced to the michael jackson classic. the first couple handed out goodies to those costumessed visitors. one great moment when the commander in chief met the man of steel making for a great twitter shot. >> he is like this is the president. >> that's cute. >> we have shu in for larry. >> a lot to look forward to. can the cubs do to cleveland what cleveland did to golden state? and the raiders set some good and bad records against tampa. why the head coach isn
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abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> the raiders win over tampa bay was made for halloween with tricks and treats. still, the raiders are 5-0 on the road for the first time in almost 40 years. the treat? derrick carr was the third
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quarterback with 500 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions interceptions in nfl history. he set a franchise record throwing for 513 yards and this pass to seth roberts was a game winner in overtime. as to the trick, oakland set an nfl record with 23 penalties with a record 200 yards. >> unsports man like conduct, holding, illegal use of hands to the face. defense, 12 men in formation, pat inter fencer, personal foul, unnecessary roughness, holding. >> we work our way through whatever obstacles present themselves. yesterday we dealt with a large number of infractions we don't want to see, but we foud a win. we won't spend anymore time than necessary to make the corrections and then move on. >> to the diamond. the indians are a win away from the first world series title since 1948 m.
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game six tomorrow in cleveland after the cubs won last night at wrigley. indians have a 3-2 lead and can close out the cubs tomorrow night in cleveland. no team has won two straight on the road to win the world series since the we are family pirates of 1979. that's when the cubs would have to take their first world series . the appreciator is on cleveland at home to close this out. >> we didn't expect to sweep these guys. it is a tough series. they won the most games in the regular season. they are a great team. we put ourselves in a fantastic position winning two at their place. this is the world series and there is pressure on both sides toin this game. we feel very confident and especially coming here we play a lot better. >> warriors in a three-game road trip in portland. they beat new orleans and phoenix and are 2-1. then they return to host okc.
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westbrook and durant reunite. and then they face the currently undefeated luke walton' lakers in l.a. festivities including painting pump inks and trick -- pumpkins with the patients at children's hospital in saratoga. the hospital service provides expert medical services to children who require pediatric and sub accuse care. they range from newborns to 21 years old. the 49ers in attendance are tory smith and tightened and offensive lineman. great, great, great day by the 49ers. this is brought to you by riverwalk casino. the raiders and broncos play on sunday night, prime time at the black hole which is for first place in the afc west. i can't remember the last time they were on in p


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